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    Hello! I’m Kulveen Virdee, a naturopathic doctor.

    I provide natural solutions to people of all ages who are struggling with their health. I understand how overwhelming it can be to realize that you may need to find answers for your own health in unconventional places; it was something I needed to do at a very young age. Here I am, as a naturopathic doctor, so I’m sure you can guess how it turned out for me.

    In my office, we’ll investigate physical causes of your disease within the context of your unique life story. It is this valuable information that allows me to understand all aspects of your health to provide you with a treatment plan individualized for you.

    During residency, I gained valuable experience in treating all sorts of health conditions ranging from autism, autoimmune conditions, women’s health issues to gastrointestinal disorders. I also provide specialized programs for middle-aged men who are experiencing erectile dysfunction and/or diseases of the prostate, and programs specific for anxiety and depression that is based on gentle therapies and lifestyle interventions.

    When I’m not in the office, you’ll find me developing presentations for upcoming speaking events, playing drums, hiking, meditating and spending time with my pet cat, Pablo.

    I'm always happy to meet interested and likeminded folk, feel free to schedule a 15-minute complimentary consultation to learn more about my approach in relation to your own health concerns.

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