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    Zip Code:06606 Country:United States Phone Number:516-508-3565
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    Hi there! I'm glad you found us.

    I am the founder of Total Wellness Connect, an organization that is breaking ground in helping wellness professionals from all sides of the spectrum grow their business in a holistic manner.

    At 19, I started a marketing company, eKAT Development, which grew from a one-man show to a team of over 20 in just under 4 years, helping clients nationally from various industries. Ironically, we did not use traditional marketing in getting the word out about our great services. Instead, we use "word-of-mouth".

    As an avid networker, I saw a HUGE opportunity in helping wellness professionals network with others in the industry. After all, that's where they get most of their referrals from! (Outside of existing clients, of course).

    Networking, combined with business education, social media and community outreach is what Total Wellness Connect is all about.

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