EPISODE 11 | Whole Equals Healthy | Danielle Joffe, L.Ac, MA | Fairfield CT

03 Aug EPISODE 11 | Whole Equals Healthy | Danielle Joffe, L.Ac, MA | Fairfield CT

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Today, we welcome Danielle Joffe, the founder of whole equals healthy in Fairfield, Connecticut.  With over 25 years of experience with integrative healing, Danielle helps her clients achieve and maintain optimal health by aiding them in becoming whole.

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The {whole=healthy} approach:
1. Shifts the view from “What is wrong with you?” to “Who are you?”
2. Seeks to understand you as a whole person within the context of your environment.
3. Engage in interdisciplinary collaboration which includes what I can offer but also many other forms of medicine such as Functional Medicine, Nutritional support, and lifestyle changes.

{Whole=healthy} is really a platform for delivery of ancient wisdom in our modern world. It’s not an a la cart menu of modalities. It’s a platform that actually recognizes, integrates, all the the matrixes of who we are and seeks to bring balance within that system. You are already whole. I see illness/pain and disturbance as a learning process that has the potential to bring us to a new level of fulfillment and success in our lives.

The elements of what I teach are not unique. They have been around for thousands of years at least. It’s just that I have developed a platform that allows for the integration of these ancient concepts to be utilized in our modern world. It’s kind of a unified theory of healing. 


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