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The ONE Social Platform Every Wellness Pro Should Use - Total Wellness Connect

The ONE Social Platform Every Wellness Pro Should Use

28 Jun The ONE Social Platform Every Wellness Pro Should Use

Did you know that there are over 1,000 social platforms?

Most of us are only aware of the Big Five: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Instagram. And those alone can be overwhelming!

Whether I’m working with clients or speaking to a room of executives, I can never escape this question:

If I were to pick just one platform to concentrate on, which would it be?

99.9% of the time my response is the same.

If you want to be effective, you need to implement guerilla marketing.

This means that you need to use innovative techniques and a variety of platforms to advertise yourself, your products or services. After 4 months of consistently and optimally using a variety of platforms, you can analyze your data and start scaling back on platforms that have the smallest ROI.

Using a variety of platforms doesn’t mean using ALL platforms. Part of building your strategy should include your choices of platforms. The number one question you should ask when deciding which social platforms you should use is “Where is my audience?”.

For the wellness industry, the answer is always “Instagram”. 

Owned by the leader in social media, Facebook, Instagram is called the Queen of Engagement. Surpassing its owner in organic interactions, Instagram is bustling with fitness, wellness and food enthusiasts. It is a great place to grow a loyal following that you can then funnel into your email list, invite to your webinars and sell your programs.

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It isn’t magic. There are several reasons why Instagram creates more engagement than any other platform, including:

1. Visual Content. Instagram is a visual-centric platform. You don’t have to be a pro to notice that you will get more engagement with your content if your photos or videos are enticing.

2. Limited Actions. As a society, we don’t to be “limited”. But in this case, having limited actions is a key ingredient in Instagram’s success in driving organic engagement. Not available as an operational app on the computer, Instagram is restricted to smartphones. When viewing content, you only see one post at a time, forcing you to subconsciously concentrate on what’s in front of you.

3. Local Stories. The recent addition of local stories has allowed individuals and businesses alike to reach their local markets without paying a dime.


So, why does the wellness industry have the highest engagement on Instagram?

 Simply put, users come to this visual-centric platform to look at pretty pictures. Fit men and women, vibrant plates of food, exotic photos and other picture-perfect posts are enticing to look at. Instagrammers who are posting engaging content consistently are enjoying the attention and are therefore posting more. 

This cycle has exposed us to wellness and fitness gurus from all over the world who found their voice and perfect audience on Instagram. By consistently sharing their lives, opinions and knowledge, many of these gurus found their fame and fortune. As a wellness professional, you may not agree with their ways, but there is an audience for you to educate and engage with!


Before you learn the tools and tricks of building your empire with Instagram, you must first understand the foundation of social marketing.


I invite you to attend this 45-minute webinar, “Introduction to Social Marketing”. Upon completing this webinar, you will:

After this 45-minute webinar, you will understand:

– the meaning of social marketing

– the power of using social marketing

– the language of 5 major platforms

– which 2 platforms to concentrate on over the next 90 days (you should know one!)

– the 5 things you MUST do before you attempt social marketing



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