5-Exercise At Home Workout with the MOBILITY PROJECT 24/7

30 Dec 5-Exercise At Home Workout with the MOBILITY PROJECT 24/7

Had one too many cookies during the Holidays? Too busy to get to the gym? This quick and effective at home workout leaves no room for excuses – just gains.

Circuit Style Training (5 Exercises, 10 reps, 10 rounds) 15-25 minutes

  1. Push PressDumbbells or Bar set as a shoulder press, Squat and press overhead as you stand.
  2. Step Forward Lunge with a Twist –Right step forward, right side twist. Do 10 then switch sides.
  3. Push Up to Reach Under1 push-up (feet open wide), then reach the right hand under toward the left foot, and then the left under toward the right foot. Repeat pushup reach under.
  4. Side Plank with RotationSide plank from your elbow, use the opposite arm to reach underneath your body, and then open up toward the sky.
  5. Burpees or Up DownsReach down for the ground, plant your hands, jump your feet back, into a pushup position, hop your feet back in and stand up.



For more information on training and fixing your body check out MobilityProject.fit.



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