5 Back-to-School Tips For Keeping Your Sanity

26 Jul 5 Back-to-School Tips For Keeping Your Sanity

Back to school? It’s only August! As Louis Pasteur said “Fortune favors the prepared mind”, which brings straight to tip #1 of making back-to-school madness easy for you and your kids.

  1. Think yourself to being prepared. Did you see that one coming? Sure, we know that being prepared ahead of time is good for us, but like that apple-a-day, we don’t exactly follow it. Preparing yourself for anything, especially a major change such as going from the Summer’s “easy living” to the stress of school, requires a conscious effort. Procrastination is its worst enemy that often seduces us with the promise of tomorrow being productive until… we run out of tomorrow. So, before you do anything else of this list, let yourself know that, this year, you are not going to leave everything to last minute. Instead, you are going to make a plan and execute it over time, which will also help you and your family get used to the though that we are saying goodbye to Summer once more.
  2. Organize yourself. Once you have the mindset of “doing”, make a laundry list of all the things you need to do before school. We recommend writing it down by hand as the brain is more likely to recollect information written by hand through muscle memory than typing it out on a digital device. Once you are done, prioritize them and log them into your calendar as a commitment to yourself that you will get them done. This is where technology is of help as your phone’s calendar likely has a reminder feature, helping you keep on track. Review your calendar on a daily basis, so you know what you need to get done the next day.
  3. Oil yourself up. Get “Magic Mike” out of your head! We’re talking essential oils here. We asked mom, doTerra Wellness Advocate and TWC member, Kate Fitzpatrick what she uses to help her family transition back to school in the fall, to which she replied: “Start the day off on a positive note by putting uplifting citrus oils like wild orange or doTERRA’s Elevation or Cheer blends in a diffuser. Applying doTERRA’s On Guard blend to the bottoms of children’s feet before school can help boost their immune system, and applying doTERRA’s InTune blend to the back of the neck can help improve focus and attention. At the end of the day, take advantage of the aromatherapeutic benefits of calming oils like lavender, yang yang and cedarwood to help everyone relax and unwind at bedtime. You can put a drop in the bath, on your child’s pillow or in a diffuser for longer lasting effect.”
  4. “You” time. Have you ever felt a need for a vacation, right after your vacation? Scheduling time to yourself on a daily basis is the best way to reset, recharge and maintain your sanity. However, most of us would go crazy just sitting down, so do something relaxing and productive instead. Mobility specialist and TWC Area Director, Chris Kalisz, demonstrates a 5-minute mobility workout to help you recharge and move better at the same time:
  5. Drink and eat often. Put down the wine glass… dehydration and lack of proper and timely nutrition is one of the main reasons people reach for the pillow at 3 PM. To keep your energy levels stable, be sure consume small, nutritious meals and hydrate throughout the day with either water or electrolytes. We suggest you skip the sugar-filled Gatorade and make your own electrolyte drink instead. Adding energy-boosting supplements such as CoQ10, Vitamin B12 and Magnesium into your routine is also recommended. Be sure to consult with a Naturopathic Physician first – contact us to connect with one near you!
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